two roads diverged in a yellow wood

it is definitely 5am and i think my body is completely shut down but the most amazing thing just happened and i feel i have no choice but to write it down and praise God for it. For the past several weeks, I have been struggling over a decision whether or not, and if so, where, to further my education. opportunities arose in New Orleans and home in Mississippi to do both. The past year has been very challenging for a number of reasons, and although i have learned so much in and out of the classroom, an unrest had settled in my heart. I have creid and prayed and read and sought counsel over and over from those whom i trust and felt completely torn about this decision-- one that would have been nice to have made about three weeks ago. tonight, well, last night, my friend, whom i dearly love and respect, asked me if i was going to live with her next semester. I think i just bobbled over words for a minute because honestly, I didnt have an answer. I just told her that I would come talk to her in the morning about it-- to be truthful-- i had no idea what i was even going to say. Through all the praying and seeling, i knew one thing to be true. Either decision would be right. There was not a bad/wrong one, but maybe a better one. I had no peace about either and my heart was extremely burdened (and yes, the inward dwelling can result in too much self-reflection.)
Nonetheless, the good part....
About 445 this morning, i know the Lord woke me wide awake. And with peace that definitely surpasses any human understanding, the path before me was make perfectly clear. For reasons unknown to me, I am to stay. The Lord has stretched me here in ways beyond my imagination, and although this may continue to be a testing time, I know with everything that I am that I am to be here. Not only has he given me his amazing peace about the situation, but he has also given me an excitement to be here and seek what he has for me. Really, I cant wait to see my friend in the morning, apologize for probably stressing her out beyond measure, and tell her about what the Lord has done this night-- praise him! And what a time to have peace-- four finals next week and so much christmas shopping to do!!!!