ok, i need sleep

lots to say...
moved to laurel
bought a car
moved to apartment in nashville
started camp training
ok, maybe not that much to say
but having fun
worshipping the Son
now ill stop the corny rhyme
because i am out of time
ill write more soon
maybe in june :)



"... the only way we were going to impact the world and the next generation is to prove that our faith in Christ is real and that it works. For counteless Christians I'm convinced its real. My concern is whether or not we have the fruit to suggest it works."
--Beth Moore, Believing God


wide open spaces

I must add another request...

my friend david has recently accepted a position at a church in San francisco. I am sure moving from the southeast to CA will be a challenge, and as he is still in seminary, please pray for guidance from the Lord as the continues the endeavor and replants his life in cali.


prayer requests

coming back home to mississippi has included a plethora of situations that need to be bathed in prayer over the next few days. please join me in lifting these up...

my grandmother recently entered the hospital for a test and suffered two strokes, one particularly severe. they will self-heal, however, she is needing surgery on an artery in her brain, and this is a very scary deal. my nana is one of the most influential people in my life, and for the first time in my life, i see her vulnerable and weak. as i came home today, i saw her and was overcome with emotion to see her in such a state. please pray for healing and comfort as she copes with the rapid change of lifestyle for her and my grandfather

my sister-in-law's family is needing special prayer for an undisclosed matter, but a family member is having medical problems which need particular intercession

maurice, my neighbor and good friend, recently had an accident concerning his right foot, and it has been quite painful and troublesome for his work and ministry. he is planning to take a trip to Zambia this summer-- please pray for healing and continuance of his plans for Zambia and help and comfort during this time

a good friend of mine (whose name i will disclose to protect the innocent =) ) has recently been the victim of identity theft. please pray for the process of replacing personal identification and the stress and worry of reclaiming one's identity

my father had a job interview last week which went very well, but we are praying for the opportunity and obedience for my father if the position is offered (it is essential for his health that he leave his present position)

my mother recently had an auto accident on the job. she is ok, but the recent hospitalization of her mother this past week had added stress and she is quite spent with the process because, being a mail carrier, having an auto accident on the job in quite a troublesome ordeal

approaching in confidence....


Jeremiah was a bullfrog

So what do you think of when you think of a bullfrog. Personally, I think of a small amphibious creature that sits on logs and croaks every now and then, as if trying to get someone's attention, but do we ever listen to the bullfrog? I think we have become immune to the song of the bull frog . Aside from the amphibious and croaking part, I have come to realize that in Scripture, Jeremiah is not unlike a bullfrog. Jeremiah croaks his little heart away, and no one is listening! In reading today, his prophesy was fulfilled and Babylon captured Judah, corresponding with his former prophesies. However, something interesting happens in Chapter 34. The Recabites are approached by Jeremiah, and he offers then some wine. They refuse because they are clinging to a command by their ancestor not to take any wine. The Israelites would not obey the constant plea of the Lord for them to return to Him, but these people clung to a promise made to an ancestor. The obedience of the Recabites alongside the Israelites is astounding. How often to we adhere to the laws of religious moral men, bordering on legalism, but do not obey the commandments of our Lord? Do we cling to the creeds of our ancestors and leaders closer than the innerrant Word of God? Is our faith based on a system of beliefs in which we were rendered, or do we base our beliefs on Scripture, then hold our churches accountable to it? The idea of worshipping tradition is not new in religious circles, however, I think it is likewise possible to worship a belief and not the source of it. Does that make sense? Not by any means am I ripping on the Recabites or any local denominations. I think their obedience is magnificent, and Scripture praises them for it. But when does obedience to a doctrine or creed lead us to focus on things other than the command of God to proclaim His Word. That is our purpose-- to proclaim His Word, and all else is subservient to it. Any thoughts?