Jeremiah was a bullfrog

So what do you think of when you think of a bullfrog. Personally, I think of a small amphibious creature that sits on logs and croaks every now and then, as if trying to get someone's attention, but do we ever listen to the bullfrog? I think we have become immune to the song of the bull frog . Aside from the amphibious and croaking part, I have come to realize that in Scripture, Jeremiah is not unlike a bullfrog. Jeremiah croaks his little heart away, and no one is listening! In reading today, his prophesy was fulfilled and Babylon captured Judah, corresponding with his former prophesies. However, something interesting happens in Chapter 34. The Recabites are approached by Jeremiah, and he offers then some wine. They refuse because they are clinging to a command by their ancestor not to take any wine. The Israelites would not obey the constant plea of the Lord for them to return to Him, but these people clung to a promise made to an ancestor. The obedience of the Recabites alongside the Israelites is astounding. How often to we adhere to the laws of religious moral men, bordering on legalism, but do not obey the commandments of our Lord? Do we cling to the creeds of our ancestors and leaders closer than the innerrant Word of God? Is our faith based on a system of beliefs in which we were rendered, or do we base our beliefs on Scripture, then hold our churches accountable to it? The idea of worshipping tradition is not new in religious circles, however, I think it is likewise possible to worship a belief and not the source of it. Does that make sense? Not by any means am I ripping on the Recabites or any local denominations. I think their obedience is magnificent, and Scripture praises them for it. But when does obedience to a doctrine or creed lead us to focus on things other than the command of God to proclaim His Word. That is our purpose-- to proclaim His Word, and all else is subservient to it. Any thoughts?

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Trigun said...

Indeed! Jeremiah was a bullfrog. He was a good friend of mine! =P
Sorry, couldn't help myself!
Well, joy to the world, all the boys and girls! EK is alive and well and still posting.
You better keep this up after you move, or I'll stop being your friend. I won't talk to you next semester and you won't be able to get into my cool club with our secret decoder ring! Just kidding, you can have the secret decoder ring.
Very well said, EK. Take care.