saturday in the park

so here we are... welcome to the blog! i must admit, i told myself about a year ago that i would never understand these things and would not dream of putting any time into one. well, i was mistaken (yes, even i am wrong at least once a year) however, i have become quite intrigued as of late, and i convinced myself to create one for many reasons....

1). to share the passions, burdens, and love in my heart and to hear the same in others-- i love the Lord, and He is constantly teaching and showing things to us in love, and as He conforms us to the image of Christ, the work in us edifies Him and each other and He is glorified. Feel free to share anything on your heart-- you never know how Truth may speak to someone or how in the power of prayer, we can approach the Lord in confidence in prayer for you.

2). forum for shared thoughts- for the same reason i love to hang out at airports, i love to analyze the way people think and why and how they believe as they do

3). communication with friends who are MIA-- i often fall MIA myself, and in some feeble way, this is an attempt to keep in touch

4). On a personal level, although my roommate discerns my attempts at "reflection" as napping (don't know how i gave that one away), i think it is important to record reflection and articulate my thoughts-- whether they are worth reading is an altogether different question

5). who doesn't need one more reason to procrastinate? currently, it is procrastination of a research paper. ive already cleaned the house, took a walk, went to walmart, cooked, checked the news, im out of ideas....so here we go

speaking of research... on one of the most beautiful days that i have ever exprienced in my 23 years, today i spent most of it on research for a paper, aside from the three hours of 5-year-old soccer games and chinese buffet. although i was inside most of the afternoon, i was blessed to be able to enjoy, even if for a little while, the big blue sky (even the sky seems bigger in texas-- but maybe that's the lack of trees!) however, we won the game 3-1, scoring 2 goals-- you figure that one out :)

song lyric of the day :

Take a break from all the plans that you have made
And sit at home alone and wait for God to whisper
Beg Him please to open up His mouth and speak
And pray for real upon your knees until they blister

Ross King "Clear the Stage"


David said...

You are so cool, you COMPLETE ME! I am telling you, we would make a great team, you know what I am talking about! COME ON, admit it!
Anyway, cool site, you make mine look like a weiner.

erikascrimp said...

hey grim reaper,
how much is a camel worth to you??

Maurice said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Great first post! I look forward to many more.

Maurice said...

OK...time to update. :)