all the king's men

by now you must realized that school is taking a lull when i publish twice in one week- hallaleujah! ok, so my friends kati and chris and i were watching some chick flick last night about mandy moore and her father, the US president and her troubles as the president's daughter. The thought crosses our minds of how much it would stink to be the child of the president and have your whole life under a magnifying glass-- how much pressure it would be to live up to so many expectations. Then, the thought crosses my mind- not only are we the children of a king and our life is likewise under a microscope- the manner in which people perceive our lives as they look into the magnifying glass is crucial. It is literally a matter of life and death according to what they see. We have ultimate expectations- God wants nothing less than perfection. However, of course, we can not live up to this, but Christ can- and did! Nonetheless, we are to have the attitude and mind of Christ as the representation of his bride- his church in this world. So, just a prince william and harry or the bush girls, our lives as children of the king of kings is likewise examined by a skeptical world-- to carry a phrase from Dave Busby- live a life worthy of imitation


Bob said...

Well said!

Trigun said...

Indeed. Thanks again for the coffee and pills. =) They were much appreciated.