miss to the issippi

there is no particular insight or spiritual application to this blog- just bored and about to pack up to head to the hizzy tomorrow. i cant express how much i love my family. so much happens that i miss being over here, and some great things are happening in the family (i only have 10 members-- no direct cousins or anything) but we are all really close. i do have some extended family but not that i see much around the holidays. not really looking forward to the 9-hour drive though. especially after work; however, a nice layover in jackson will suffice for the endless boredom. i think i am going to get an audiobook from the library tomorrow morning.- try to keep me awake, so if anyone is bored tomorrow and as much as i despise talking on the phone, i would enjoy any jabber you have to offer. have a good one and happy thanksgiving


Trigun said...

Take care and drive safe, EK =)

Bob said...

Erika, thanks for your friendhip and encouragement. May God bless you!