When I would blog in the past, it was interesting and even inspiring to watch the world around me and discover His glory and presence in all ways of life. Today, I feel empty, anxious, full, peaceful... all in one. In Bible study last night, we talked about getting out of our boats (comfort zones) and how the Lord, knowing full well that we would fall, sends us out. My heart is caught somewhere with the Lord between begging for his mercy not to fall and succumbing to his grace, knowing that I will. I was talking with the Lord last night and before I began to present my petitions, I started to confess the-- often numerous-- sins of the day. Then I stopped. I realized that as I was confessing my sin to him, I neglected the most important part. Although it has already been atoned, I was neglecting to ask forgiveness for the transgressions against the Father. I think too often we don't hesitate to acknowledge our sin, before the Father and others; however, I know I fail in recognizing that this sin, by nature, is an abomination against a holy God and each sinful thought and action is spitting in the face of the very grace and mercy of which I ask. Confession is nothing without repentance. Repentance includes the acknowledgment that forgiveness is needed by the Father and choosing to flee. Do I flee?

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