are you being served?

My current occupation is definitely one of the service industry. One might think that since I work at a Baptist Seminary, my job is all smiles, all the time. However, although I do have the privilege of working with some fine people, I often come across one or two patrons that show somewhat less-than-average value in my position. For a vast majority of my academic career, I have placed (often misplaced) great time and effort into the betterment of my mind (particularly in languages). Working in my respective office, I am in contact with dozens of language students daily, seeking the aid of my co-worker who happens to be the school's tutor and language guru. I have come to find out that one of my greatest pet peeves is when people underestimate me or my ability. One lively afternoon, a kind gentlemen came in the office in search of a German tutor. I explained to him that we did not have one on staff, but that German was actually my major in college and I would be happy to help in any way I could. The response I received was one in which I was imposed to interpret that I was merely a secretary and if I hear of a REAL tutor, then I was to contact him. My thought process included the following exhortations: I can help you! I want to help! Let me help you! I promise I know more than you think I might know! I know what I am taking about! Let me do it! I then proceeded to relay this story and my frustration to a couple of friends. However, approximately 10 minutes later, I found myself before the Lord who was voicing the very same exhortations of me. So this brought a whole new perspective to the afternoon.....

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